Fine Voice Chorus

Fine Voice Chorus gets together every week to learn to sing, rehearse for shows and have fun. We are regularly invited to perform at concerts, shows and festivals around the south and our Tuesday nights are a great opportunity for the whole company to get together.

Fine Voice Chorus sing chorus numbers from popular music, shows, operettas, operas and musicals. We sing simple unison and structured multi-part choir pieces (note bashing support media supplied), we include new work from new composers, but most often we perform our own custom made arrangements.

Particularly popular examples of our programs are extracts from musicals like Les Miserable or Phantom, opera from Verdi or Puccini, crossover music from Katherin Jenkins and Andre Bocelli, or our frequent WWI\II events. We have had a great interest in our patriotic performances like our Proms concerts and D-Day events, where we fly the Union Flag with great pride and enthusiasm. We are a fun inclusive family group and we encourage anyone of any ability to join. There is no need to know how to sing as, and there are no auditions, the main objective of the group is to be inclusive for everyone of any ability, and our members are incredibly keen to support each other in their own personal development.

Fine Voice Chorus meet on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm-7.45pm at our Guildhall Venue, and Thursday Evenings 7pm-9pm Tesco Fratton Community room. We have also recently started a Pre Prescribing choir at St Columba’s church in Fareham, on Thursdays at 12 noon. If you would like to know more about the Fine Voice Chorus or our other singing groups including QoSV, pop in and meet us.