Jordan 5th-10th July 2015

Jordan’s Work Experience July 2015

Hi welcome to my Blog about my work experience with fine voice and Simon. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about what i am doing through the next few days.

Day 1 5/7/2015

Simon invited me to sing at a private party. I sang a few songs which such as New York New York by Frank Sintara and other songs along those lines. I really enjoyed singing and i had a lot of fun

Day 2 6/7/2015

My Second day began with a meeting in waterlooville to discus ways of using the band stand throughout the year. it was a good chance to see how we given the task to organise events. We later discussed other ideas which would also be discussed in a meeting that myself and Simon are attending on Friday. We then returned to the watersports center and was able to start filling important documents and was able to file song lyrics so then it would be a lot easier to find. i enjoyed today and i can’t wait for the rest of the week

Day 3 7/7/2015

Today me and Simon met with the Mayor of Havant Councillor Leah Tuner in her parlor and we discussed the idea of possibly thinking about a Italian evening or even a maybe a organizing a end of term concert with a proms/opera selection of songs. We also talked about possible venues of hosting this concert and maybe raising money for the Mayor’s Charity’s. I really enjoyed meeting the mayor and discussing these ideas and hopefully we will be able to use them.

Day 4 8/7/2015

Today myself and simon went to Naomi house and we spoke to them about a event that we are singing at in September. as soon as we got back i started to file medical records for simon and also started to make notes about the next few events we have planned.

Day 5 9/7/2015

Today we went to st cuthberts and met with the reverend. he said on Friday he would take us around and show us the rooms. He said about how during his time at the church he was able to split it up and make good use of it for the community. After that i continued to sort out the medical files and also sort out music. then in the evening and i took the Thursday chorus group and was able to show them new techniques to help them sing it was a lot of fun.

Day 6 10/7/2015

My last day was fun. we first went to st cuthberts again and met we the reverend. he showed us around the chruch and showed us all the rooms. there is one room in the church where you can stand in the middle of the room and it echos all around. i really enjoyed the tour. when we got back i was able to sort out sheet music for tonight choir. later this evening i was able to take Quay of Sea Voices and we looked through a few songs that we might be singing in the cellars.

Overall i had a fantastic work experience with Fine Voice Academy i really enjoyed it