Freya 23rd-27th November 2015

Freya’s work experience November 23rd-27th 2015

Hi my name is Freya and this is my blog. I am going to tell you about what I have done during my work experience. I worked with Simon Long Fine Voice Academy aka my Dad. I will be letting you know I got up to other the next few days.

Day 1 23/11/15
Today I helped get things ready for the trip to Slovakia to a conference with over 100 European teachers to discuss creative education. I stayed in a hotel with my family and had to wake up early to catch a plane to Slovakia.

Day 2 24/11/15
We woke up early to catch our flight. When we got to Slovakia we had dinner with some other presenters from the University of Portsmouth. I talked to some of them about my work experience and my school. I was speaking to a Photographer called Julian and he discussed with me about Photography. Overall the day was great!

Day 3 25/11/15
Today was the conference; it was a really great experience to go to this. Simon/my dad presented as well as about 6 other people/groups. I took notes on each presentation and I really enjoyed listening to teachers talking about the things you would want to happen with your school. This was a very long day and it went on from 8am in the morning till around 6. Simon did a workshop and people seemed to really enjoy it they were singing along and getting enthusiastic about the games we did. I helped out in the game by holding the mic and running to each group to get there song. The day was really great and I also met the EU commissioner, this was a privilege.

Day 4 26/11/15
Today I took some photos for the website I really enjoyed this because photography is one of my passions and I really enjoyed that. This was the day of the second part of the conference I didn’t go to this but I did get some great pictures of other parts of the venue and other things.

Day 5 27/11/15
Today was the last day. I uploaded my photos to the laptop. There were quite a lot and I enjoyed looking at them. I also filled out my work experience sheets.

Day 6 28/11/15
Today we had a more relaxed day as it was a Saturday and we went on our way home. I wasn’t feeling to well but the plane ride was nice to see because it was dark and you could see all the lights. It was beautiful!

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Freya’s Work Experience

Photos of my week.

Overall I enjoyed my work experience with Fine Voice Academy. Thank you for having me!