Singing Lessons in Portsmouth



Singing Lessons

Fine Voice Academy is committed to students learning to sing in a correct, safe and informative way.  The Italian vocal teaching techniques taught at Fine Voice Academy are formed from the founders experience learnt through his own studies over the last 30 years. This will include his early training of the Italian art of Bel Canto, his experience in Musical Theatre and his continuing Opera studies in Italy.

Fine Voice encourages students to learn and perform a wide range of music helping to improve range, agility and musical appreciation. Students receive the best vocal, musical and theory tuition and when proficient have plenty of opportunities to perform in public.

Fine Voice is able to provide the best start for young singers and musicians and offers a path of study in all genres  from Grade 1 to 8, Performance Diplomas, and Music Theory up to Grade 5. Fine Voice can help prepare students for higher educational studies in performance schools and music academies and conservatories. For more info

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